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Educating in Public Relations

KORE Public Relations has invited interns from a variety of schools and universities from all over the country to assist in building real world portfolios.


Interns gain and expand their knowledge of public relations, the music industry and more. Interns will learn about marketing, social media, journalism, event planning, small business management and merchandising. Because of KORE’s central role in the entertainment community, some interns extend their learning directly with the clients we serve.

Interns can expect one-on-one instruction with KORE, often alongside other interns, and the hours are flexible to meet students’ needs. We have a very vibrant work space that welcomes a variety of eager minds. Working at KORE is, at the end of the day, a lot of fun.


All internships are non-subsidized and require a minimum commitment of 12 hours/week for College Credit. Interested college students and recent grads should send a detailed cover-letter and résumé to or fill out the appropriate contact form.

Success! Message received.

“My experience with Kore PR has been incredible! I have learned so much in such a short amount of time. I am consistently gaining valuable professional exposure to the music industry. The Kore PR team is extremely supportive of their interns and provide the necessary tools to succeed in this business. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with Kore PR and I believe that my time with the company will make all the difference in my future career.”

                                                   – Brandon Stoppe

“My internship at Kore has taught me that hard work and dedication can truly take you places. As an upcoming videographer their pursuit for the highest quality of material for its artist has helped push my work to the next level.” 

                                              – Terrance L. Darden

“From the first day at KORE PR, I knew this internship was going to be vital in my success to come in the near future of my career. KORE PR has given me the awareness of having the right team of people and making the necessary connections to be a success in the public eye.”                                                                             - Mario Lynn

“After 2 meetings with clients and friends of KORE PR, I knew that this would be a relationship I’d want to cultivate. They’ve helped me make the connections I’ve needed to make a difference in the music industry, and I can’t thank them enough for the way they conduct their business. They truly care about the artists, want them to have the best, and continually strive to give them the best.”

                                                           – Justin Mabee

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